Konstantin Roslyakov is an artist working with visual arts and sound art. Based in Tyumen, Russia. Participant of the 5th Ural Biennale and NEMOSKVA. In his art raises problems of memory and remembrances. In his drawings reality appears constructed from layered surfaces that are read simultaneously in several spaces, creating different views and giving rise to different meanings for each individual viewer. He is interested in the topic of the idea and receiving information by a people. The final meaning is constantly slipping away, giving birth to more and more new meanings. The result of the process is a definite symbol and sign. The symbol is revealed in its different spases in contact with the viewers. Images are complemented by sound, preserving the technical and semantic principle of drawings. These are the sounds of field recordings, complemented by the drone sounds of the guitar and the old radio.


Calvert Journal


  • Awakenism/ Tyumen, 2020
  • Ural cult (“Ural-Siberian drone” performance) / NCCA , Yekaterinburg, 2020
  • Hardware (“GopStop” performance) / Summer at the factory, Sysert, 2020
  • Sound landscapes of hidden places (seven-hour performance) Tyumen Museum of Slovtsov, Tyumen, 2019
  • Monograph (performance) / coffee shop MONO, Tyumen, 2019
  • Voluntary vandalism / Lermontov library, Saint-Petersburg, 2018
  • Levels / Tyumen Museum of Slovtsov, Tyumen, 2018
  • Forest of thinking / street gallery Wall, Tyumen, 2018
  • Nulla dies sine linea / IBC Tyumen State University, Tyumen, 2017


  • Vse svoi. Synchronization / Tyumen Museum of Slovtsov, Tyumen, 2020
  • Fiber of information / Tyumen, 2020
  • Ural Music Night (performance) / NCCA , Yekaterinburg, 2020
  • NEMOSKVA IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER / Manege, Saint-Petersburg, 2020
  • Marginal night / Abandoned house, Yekaterinburg, 2020
  • Freedom inside / Tyumen, 2019
  • NISHA-Ural kollab (“Slowly light” performance)/ WATCH AND LISTEN HERE / Yekaterinburg, 2019
  • Everything is not what it seems / Fifth Ural biennale of modern art / Tyumen, 2019
  • Vse svoi/ Tyumen Museum of Slovtsov, Tyumen, 2019
  • Slowly light (performance) featuring SeverGa / coffe shop MONO, Tyumen, 2019
  • Exhibition and music / coffee shop MONO, Tyumen, 2019
  • NEMOSKVA / Tyumen Museum of Slovtsov, Tyumen, 2018
  • Artgreid / Art Lab, Tobolsk, 2017
  • Eyes / gallery Grange, Tyumen, 2017
  • Young tyumen artist / Tyumen union of artist, 2016